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Let Us Pray.


Everyone is fighting a battle every day, be it work, be it school, be it family, losing loved ones, losing everything. Everyone tries hard to make it through the day without having tears in their eyes. A smile a day used to be plentiful, now a smile seems to be the farthest thing from their face. Pain seems to be more unbearable as days go by. Pain blinds you from things in life. Everything in life begins to blur. Answers you thought you had begin to disappear.  Your whole life is changed. You feel lost inside and have no where to turn. Everything you do everything seems as if you are just passing through life without any emotion. Your life feels as if it has come to a stop. The only thing that keeps you going is happy memories, positive people, and whatever may keep you on your toes. For a second of your life you start to feel that life is not over just yet. As days go by, a scar begins to evolve and the pain becomes somewhat adaptable. And as years go, your scar will not heal but be a reminder that life may stop for an instant, but it goes on… Your daily life continues to flow, and everything begins to feel absolute but that hole in your heart remains. You learn to live half alive…

I’m here to remind you that even if your half alive, keep your head up, keep fighting, keep pushing. Your life is not completely over. Take a deep breathe every morning, gather all your potency and open your eyes..you will start to see life in a different view, yes, but you still see life as important as it used to be. Visit all the memories that put a smile upon your face, but remember even if life is pulling you back, you just keep pushing. The lights above will guide you home, it will give you the strength you are in need of. You won’t get through anything alone, confine in someone who will stand beside you. They will ignite you and strive with you to reach a point were your smile becomes permanent.

So, let us pray today to keep us strong, to help us keep going, to help us get through everything with only smiles and family and friends beside us. Put your hands together, right by your heart & pray.